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Monday, September 21, 2009

Chinar Sanghvi wins grand prize at the Herty Undergraduate Research Symposium

Dr. Cora MacBeth writes with this fabulous update on one of her SURE 09 fellows:

Chinar Sanghvi, an undergraduate researcher in my lab, recently won the grand prize at the Herty Undergraduate Research Symposium. This is an annual symposium sponsored by the American Chemical Society. This is a pretty competitive event with students from 14 area colleges and universities presenting.  Chinar started as an Oxford student and was able to continue her project in my lab because of the funding provided by the SURE program.  I just wanted to say thanks to each of you for all of the work you do to keep these programs running.  Chinar is an outstanding student and has certainly benefited from these opportunities.

Congratulations, Chinar and Dr. MacBeth!