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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Penn State summer research

We are pleased to announce The Penn State College of Medicine Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Programs for 2013.  These programs bring undergraduates to our campus for a “summer-immersion” in biological research and an orientation to a career in biological sciences.  Any student that will not earn a  BS or BA by May 2013 is welcome to apply, although for the SURIP, the typical intern will be between their Sophomore and Senior year of undergraduate studies.  The SURIP would be most appropriate for students considering applying to PhD programs in the Biological/Biomedical Sciences and is not intended for students who will apply to medical school.  There is no clinical shadowing component to the internships.
Our goals are to provide a meaningful educational experience for undergraduates to prepare them for careers in cutting edge fields and to increase the pool of students considering graduate education in the life sciences. Participating faculty have a strong interest in mentoring young scholars as an integral part of their academic experience.  Each student accepted into these programs will be matched to one of these faculty mentors for a ten-week laboratory research experience.
Integral to our programs are twice weekly research/career seminars, a capstone presentation experience, and additional introductory experiences related to the professional culture of biological research.  Research interns will have the opportunity to live on our campus, and will receive a stipend to cover their living expenses during the summer.  The majority of our interns choose to live on campus and those that do so find living on campus a very positive experience.  In light of the fact that the budget for several of the programs does not permit us to cover the housing costs beyond the first month, we encourage you to make interested students aware of any small grant programs at your institution that might help interns offset the costs of on campus housing. 
For more information and an online application form you may access our website at