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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two Emory students awarded HHMI EXROP summer internships

A hearty congratulation is due to Kristoffer Leon and Kerry-Ann Pinard for being selected to participate in the HHMI-EXROP summer program! This competitive, by-nomination-only program matches successful applicants to HHMI researchers for an off-campus summer research opportunity. Per the EXROP page,

EXROP students also attend meetings at HHMI headquarters where they present their research in a poster session, network with their peers and HHMI scientists, and hear from scientists from various backgrounds and stages in their careers. 
EXROP students are eligible for continued support in their doctoral education via HHMI's Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study (
As incoming first-year students, Kerry-Ann and and Kristoffer both participated in HUES. Later, they did academic-year research via the SIRE program, and summertime research via SURE. Kerry-Ann and Kristoffer are also active around campus as peer mentors to the above programs; additionally, Kristoffer is a chemistry mentor and Kerry-Ann started the Emory AWISE chapter. We look forward to hearing all about their adventures this summer.

Kerry-Ann Pinard (left) and Kristoffer Leon (right) presented as part of their SURE Program experience.