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Friday, January 23, 2009

Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine accepting submissions

Here's an exciting opportunity for faculty and students to publish original research and scientific reviews in the Yale Journal of
Biology and Medicine. The YJBM is an open access, peer-reviewed journal available through PubMed Central.

The journal publishes papers in all areas of biology, in addition to clinical research, case reports, and articles on the history of medicine and health policy. We are especially interested in basic science research.

We also highly encourage contributions from exceptional undergraduates. As the process of manuscript preparation, submission, and revision is an important component of research and scientific training, submitting to and publishing in
the YJBM is of great benefit to students.

More broadly, we hope that your faculty will consider the YJBM as a venue for timely, peer-reviewed communication of scientific advancements. Additional information about the journal and its submission guidelines are available at