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Saturday, January 24, 2009

SURE fellows present research at the University of Florida

2009 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science for Life Undergraduate Creativity Award, University of Florida

At the heart of the competition was the definition of creativity as the process of applied imagination that results in the formation of something tangible (having actual form and substance), new and valuable. Dr. Pat Marsteller, Director of the CSE and HHMI Initiatives, nominated four Emory students to attend this conference: Wenjie Xiao (mentored by Dr. David Weinshenker, Genetics; SURE 2007), Sara Raiser (mentored by Dr. Vin Tanprika, Endocrinology; SURE 2008), Miguel Rovira (mentored by Dr. Cora MacBeth, Chemistry; IRES 2008), and Thinh Bui (mentored by Dr. David Lynn, Chemistry; SURE 2007).

There were more than 150 entries spanning the arts and sciences and more than 120 students participated in the competition. A total of twelve (5 science and 7 arts) awards were selected. 

Sara Raiser won the first place in the science competition; this award will allow her to travel anywhere in the world to present her research. 

Johnny Harris, a University of Florida undergraduate who participated in SURE 2008, also received a poster award.

Emory’s HHMI grant will co-support these two awards. Congratulations Sara and Johnny!